Using stability management as the key to success.

Peter De Prins, Founder & Managing Director at 2ThePoint
Professor Change Management Vlerick Business School


SIX BATTERIES OF CHANGE – an integrative, inclusive model for change with the purpose of energizing your organisation


Preparing for implementing a culture change within an organisation can be a daunting experience. But much like surfing, the end result is worth the effort. In surfing there is an element of timing: watching the waves, gauging when it’s the right time to catch a wave, and knowing when to hold back and wait. Your aim is to keep the stability as much as possible when you are on your board. There are beautiful rides and dramatic wipe-outs. Surfing is a continual process of paddling, watching the water, catching a wave, and riding along, keeping a perfect balance between you, your board, and the wave.

Like surfing, culture change is part art, part science, and part perseverance. Change today is no longer a linear process, it’s an integrative, inclusive process where lots of things happen at the same time. As a business professional, your role will vary throughout the process. You might be the advisor, helping management understand culture, the transformation process and helping them to keep stability during the change. Or you might be the facilitator, coaching the different teams to achieve their goals. Or the process guard, making sure the planning is put into concrete actions.

2ThePoint helps you to prepare your leaders for organisational culture change, with these clear focus points:

  • We lay the groundwork for change, challenging and coaching the management team and measuring the current state of changeability of your organisation.
  • We provide a realistic view of the change process and present tools to assess your current culture.
  • We help you to keep stability during the process with right communication approaches and use of the proper work context.
  • We offer you all the resources needed to make your change process a succesful one. Guaranteed.


“When you measure your culture, you can manage it.”

Find out what is working and not working in your culture, what is important to your people, how they experience the culture now, and how they would like to improve it for tomorrow. As CCT Certified Consultants at the Barrett Values Centre we measure your culture.


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Unless you have a cohesive culture that fosters employee engagement, it doesn’t matter how good your strategy is. We help you to transform your company into a values-driven organisation, engendering high employee engagement.


“Organisations don’t transform. People do. “

Cultural transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. That’s why we focus on high inpact coaching for executives. We also offer development leadership & coaching programmes.


We aim to be wise enough to walk away from all the nonsense that surround us and focus on the essentials.

2ThePoint wants to be….. to the point. We stand for an ‘I can do’ approach. We will explain you the ‘how’, but we focus on the ‘what’. We measure and gracefully confront. We ask the difficult questions. We might put you with your backs against the wall. We try to make you distinguish the bullshit from the essentials. We help your leaders to limit their words to ears that are worth the weight of them. We guide you to entrust your actions to the hands that are able to put them into practice.

Failure and disaster does not just walk into your life or your organisation. Either you created if, invited it or associated with it. We help you to see how. You will get insights in how your rationality, your emotionality and your work context interact and how it has all the answers in place to fix it. We are certainly not perfect, but at least we are not fake.


2ThePoint was founded in 2002 by Peter De Prins. He has built a reputation as a passionate, dynamic and pragmatic speaker, not afraid to confront and be direct,  always with respect for the individual and with the agreed upon goals for people and organisation firmly in mind.

  • Professor at Vlerick Management School in change management, coaching and leadership
  • International motivating speaker
  • Expert on cultural transformation, culture measurement and change management
  • Executive coach
  • Co-author of the book ‘Six Batteries of Change’
  • Entrepreneur
  • Engineering background



“2ThePoint works with a broad network of highly professional freelancers to offer its services. For every project we go all the way to find the perfect coach, trainer, consultant for you, ensuring the best cultural fit with the highest change on top quality outcomes.” 

Peter de Prins
Founder & Managing Director at 2ThePoint
Vlerick Professor in Change Management, Leadership & Coaching


Vlerick Business School is a triple-accredited, international business school at the heart of Europe – ranked number one in the Benelux for executive education and 19 in Europe. Its world-class MBA and Masters programmes, the executive education and customised programmes help companies and its executives to overcome their organisational challenges.

Kenaz is a multidisciplinary team of expert consultants in CX/EX/ Digital Transformation and Change Management . Their focus on talent acquisition, CX Strategy Assessment, Organisation Design, Agile coaching, Employer Impact branding and Ongoing User Research.

The Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools® are among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics commercially available. Values and beliefs are the components of your culture that make a real difference between success and failure. By mapping your values to the Seven Levels of Consciousness® Model , you will be able to measure and manage your culture.


Our new book is out!

by Prof. Peter De Prins, Prof. Geert Letens & Prof. Kurt Verweire

In times of disruption it’s crucial to manage change in a correct way. The book ‘Six batteries of change’ offers you a surprisingly simple but eye-opening model to guide your company in its necessary transformation processes . The model tracks the extent to which your organization has the energy to successfully implement….


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