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Measuring your culture

Transformation is a moving equilibrium while staying loyal to your values, culture and identity. Everything else can and may change.

The Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) is a simple, yet powerful survey to discover what is important to the people of your organisation, how they experience the culture now, and what they see necessary to make it high performing.  Participants choose from a list of approximately 80-100 values, which can be customised for each client.

Each value is mapped to the Seven Levels of Consciousness® model, designated as a positive or potentially limiting value, given a values type (individual, relationship, organisational, or societal), and assigned to an area of our Business Needs Scorecard.  This multi-dimensional view adds richness to the results by bringing new insights to light.

Measuring the prevalence of potentially limiting values participants recognise within an organisation determines the Cultural Entropy® score or level of dysfunction in an organisation.  Our research shows that Cultural Entropy and employee engagement are highly inversely correlated and can be a fundamental driver of financial performance. Companies with low Cultural Entropy scores have high employee engagement, and companies with high Cultural Entropy have low employee engagement.

What makes the Barrett methodology unique?

It does not set out a fixed pattern of culture or effectiveness, instead it provides a far more open framework for employees and leaders to express how they see the culture now and what they believe needs to change to achieve high performance

The addition of the personal values perspective provides an insight that allows leaders to guide the transformation with a level of understanding and sensitivity that many other tools ignore. The underlying model is based on an evolutionary framework that allow users to explore deeper and deeper as their culture journey unfolds.

The survey is customised for every organisation

We offer a human touch.  Not only will you have an Assessment Consultant to work with you or your consultant to design the survey, you also have the possibility of requesting a report with analysis by an impartial, highly experienced member of our staff.


The Cultural Transformation Tools are designed to support leaders in building high-performance, values-driven cultures that attract and keep talented people and increase staff engagement.


Imagine being able to get a comprehensive diagnostic of the culture of your organisation by asking your employees three simple questions that take around 15 minutes to complete. Furthermore, imagine being able to get reports for any demographic grouping you care to list. That is exactly what a CVA, used by over 6,000 organisations, enables you to do.


Leaders grow and develop when they get regular feedback. Our leadership assessments (LVA) are designed for this purpose. They are coaching tools for promoting self-awareness, reducing personal entropy and improving emotional and social intelligence.


Our 360 degree feedback assessments (LDR) compare a leader’s perception of his or her operating style against the perception of his or her superiors, peers and subordinates. They reveal the extent to which a leader’s behaviours help or hinder the performance of an organisation, and to what extent their decision-making is influenced by the fears they have about not getting their deficiency needs met.


Our products for individuals (IVA) give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what is important to you personally and how you fit into the current organisation culture. They help you to make informed decisions and can be used as powerful coaching tools to get to the heart of your employees’ motivations.


We don’t leave you behind with fuzzy, multi-interpretable results. Rather we offer you concrete, customized actions to implement to improve your organisational culture in a written document.


It does not end with measuring your culture. It’s a start. Based on the results and the recommendations, we co-create a fully transformational change plan with all the business stakeholders.

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